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"During her two terms in the Maine State Legislature, Meredith worked hard to understand the many complicated issues that face our state and to advocate for the residents of House District 108. She also turned her passion for cancer awareness into action and created the new breast cancer specialty license plate that can be seen on cars all over Maine to raise awareness and funds for several Maine-based breast cancer organizations. Maine and her constituents are truly fortunate to have such a dedicated representative."

Senator Susan Collins


"I have had the privilege of knowing and working with Meredith Strang Burgess for many years. She is an outstanding State Legislator for the people of Chebeague Island, Cumberland, Long Island and part of North Yarmouth. Meredith is a passionate advocate who faces challenges head on. She is an experienced small business owner, mother of three wonderful sons, community leader and volunteer. As a breast cancer survivor she has turned her personal challenge into a statewide crusade for better early detection, patient education, outreach and treatment. The women of Maine already owe Meredith a great deal of gratitude for her leadership, which she will continue to provide in the State House. I am proud to call Meredith a friend and hope all the residents of House District 108 join me in supporting Meredith Strang Burgess on Election Day."

U.S. Senator Olympia J. Snowe


"Meredith brings the combination of hard work, common sense, and the daily experiences of a small business owner – all traits that we need more of in Augusta."

Peter K. Bingham, Former Cumberland Town Councilor and MSAD 51 Director


"I endorse Meredith Strang Burgess in her re-election effort. She is a successful business woman who spends a lot of time thoughtfully doing the right thing for the state of Maine. She also is incredibly responsive to the needs of her constituents. "

Sam Ladd, President/CEO Maine Bank & Trust and Cumberland resident


"Meredith has been a critical partner with MSAD 51 on addressing educational issues in Augusta. Her skills, energy, and commitment to her public services are outstanding."

Dave Perkins, MSAD 51 Chair


"We in District 108 are fortunate to have Meredith representing us in Augusta. She has demonstrated passion for and commitment to the job along with casting informed and well thought out votes. We need to send her back for a third term so that she can continue her good work on our behalf."

See online endorsement in Letter to the Forecaster

Carolyn Murray, community volunteer and 41-year resident of Cumberland


"Meredith has been an effective voice in Augusta for a number of reasons. During this past winter, Meredith reached out to us with questions about proposed agricultural legislation. She listened to our concerns about the bill, quickly grasped the consequences and shared our views with other legislators. Meredith then kept us informed of up-coming legislative hearing dates, time and place. Meredith has always been available to her constituents. She is very thorough in her review of all the issues that face the Maine Legislature, timely in her response, and she is a very valuable asset to the voters in Cumberland. We look forward to supporting Meredith in her bid for reelection to the Maine House of Representatives."

Dick, Connie and Greg Sweetser, Sweetser's Apple Barrel and Orchards, Blanchard Road, Cumberland


"Meredith has demonstrated an extraordinary level of energy in the performance of her duties as a State Representative for District 108. She regularly keeps her constituents informed of what’s happening in Augusta. Her common sense approach to the issues is refreshing."

Darla Hamlin, North Yarmouth (District 109)


"For the past number of years residents surrounding Forest Lake in Cumberland have been complaining about the trucking noise emanating from the Maine Turnpike and the adjacent service area. No one at any level of our State Government lifted a finger to help alleviate or even address the problem. It was then brought to the attention of our Representative, Meredith Strang Burgess and she became a, “whirling dervish” of energy focused on the problem. She wrote the first draft of an initial law to provide specific corrections to the Excessive Noise Law that was already in place, but not being enforced however, it never got out of committee. Undeterred she then tirelessly rounded up other sponsors in the legislature, including Senator Jerry Davis among others, and resubmitted another improved draft that did pass and begin to tighen the defination of excessive noise. She has continued to work on this problem resulting in the formation of a committee of interested stake holders to not only arrive at a solution to truck noise, but now also includes unnecessary motorcycle noise.

Meredith truly represents the ideal way in which our State Representatives in Augusta should be working with the electorate to solve current every day problems. It is with great pleasure that I highly endorse Meredith for continuing as the Representative for District #108 in the forthcoming elections this November. "

See online endorsement in Letter to the Forecaster

Col. Bob Heyner, USAFR, (Ret.), Cumberland Resident


"Meredith Strang Burgess is our Representative and after one e-mail she came to our home to discuss our particular legislative situation. She identified options and presented her recommendations as to how she could help us. She championed our cause through the legislative process and kept us involved the whole way. She very much represented the town and us personally.

She is a class example of how one individual can represent the people she was elected to serve. We are fortunate to have Meredith Strang Burgess as our Representative and we are thankful that she is running again."

Jeff & Cindy Andrews, Cumberland Residents


2 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333

155 Tuttle Road
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